Acknowledging All Who Helped Make this Book Possible

So many people helped me to get to where I am today, I am grateful to every one of them. Here are just some who deserve special recognition.
Dr. Rae Worden, Jasmine’s vet, who has been there with us the whole way, putting up with me, answering my questions,  and always working with me for the best benefit of my dogs. He’s the one who first showed me what a veterinarian could be.

All the vets we’ve worked with, past and present. Both those who were great and those who failed my dogs. They all had been a blessing because they all taught me something.

Dr. Joanna Paul for working with me on this book with care and dedication and being a great friend.

Dr. Krista Magnifico for lending her expertise and helping with the book as well as always being there for me when I need help with my dogs.

All my online veterinary friends who helped me with my learning, brainstorming and finding answers, particularly Dr. Daniel Beatty, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, Dr. Justine Lee, and Dr. Nancy Kay who’s fantastic book Speaking for Spot I wish was out when I was going through the steepest learning curve with Jasmine.

All my online veterinary friends who participated on the book and my blog, namely Dr. Julie Buzby, Dr. Daniel Beatty, Dr. Keith Niesenbaum, Dr. Rae Worden, Dr. Anna Coffin, Dr. Patrick Mahaney, Dr. Nancy Kay, and Dr. Krista Magnifico.

All the wonderful people at Vet-Stem who had been amazing and provided great help and support both with Jasmine’s and Cookie’s treatments. Special thanks to Kristi Moore Hauta who has always gone out of her way to be there for us.

All my dog-loving friends who have always been there for me when I needed them.

Howard VanEs of Let’s Write Books, Inc, for helping me with publishing of this book.

And last but not least I’d like to thank my husband, the driver. He’s always had faith in my learning ability and judgement even when I didn’t.

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