I have started like everybody else, with little understanding of health issues my dogs could be facing and what to do about them.

Jasmine. My love, my inspiration, my “vet’s dog”.

A vet’s dog is a term that refers to a dog with a multitude of health challenges. Having a vet’s dog without actually being a vet is quite challenging. I needed to become a quick study to understand all the things that were going on and how to best deal with them. I have learned how to pursue a diagnosis and how to evaluate treatment options.

I have become a health advocate for my dogs and I want to help others to do the same. I am still learning every day. And I try to share all I have learned. If that can help others to skip the “learning the hard way” part, my mission is accomplished.


About the Author
Jana and Cookie

Jana Rade is a devoted fur-mom and dog health advocate extraordinaire. And she’s on a mission to help you. Jana used her intuition, passion, knowledge, and resourcefulness to compile a wealth of practical information that you can use to help you navigate just about any ailment your dog may experience.

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Dog is the result of years of incredible and fastidious research into pet health, nutrition, training, behavior and all things dog. Jana has hobnobbed with veterinarians, whom she now counts among her friends, and scoured the globe for dawgie specialists. At first, it was to help her own dogs. But she soon realized that many others were asking the same kinds of questions she had asked on her journey.

In her book, Jana shares her experience and insights accumulated with her own dogs, as well as the dogs of family members and friends, whose journeys she had the privilege to be part of. Even with gravely ill dogs, the signs can sometimes be deceptively subtle. Knowing when to seek help can improve your dog’s health, quality of life, and sometimes be the difference between the life and death.

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